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Saturday, October 7th, 6P until 8P
The show runs through Sunday October 29th.
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Saturday, November 4th, 6P until 8P
The show runs through Sunday November 26th.

Bryan and Liz Kuntz

The destruction and chaos in our weather and government should serve as an important reminder of what is really important to us as humans. That we are a family. Our “Attachments” show comes from the concept that we become attached to many different things and ideas, and that we should expand our view just a bit to see our similarities and not our differences. This is what we have seen over the past month in Houston as the destruction of a massive hurricane demolished so much of the Texas coastline and brought people together to help and serve one another no matter what.

Our work is an investigation of the people we are and the ideas and things we become attached to and of the possibilities of becoming who we want to be.


Morgan Sorne

There will be art, performance art, and collaborations
between artist and sculpture.


This body of work by SORNE serves as a continuation in the exploration of relationships between time, written language and melody. Spiritus is the latin word for spirit or breath and as such, the works represent SORNE's deeper investigations of personal symbolism and the etymologies of these symbolisms as they pertain to the larger population.

The other-worldly vocal compositions by SORNE are a direct reflection of this introspective examination, pulling from past, present and future tenses of human existence thus raising questions about time and space through the melodic and visual harmonizations.

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